Made Mountains 1980-1983

This playful suite of images was produced during the same period as the Land of Time in the early 1980sMountains are a part of my DNA.  Where I was conceived and grew up in California, just north of San Francisco, is a valley surrounded by coastal mountains. 

Near the peak of one of those mountains, that loomed above our family home, the ashes of my parents are now spread.  From up there, our street, the town, several other local towns, and much of the Bay Area, including the tops of some of the tall buildings in San Francisco, can be seen. 

My visual memory of California also includes the Sierra Nevada Range of snow capped, granite peaks that rise up to 3,000 metres.  Nestled in those mountains are crystal clear lakes of melted snow water.  I recall drinking water from a free flowing stream that was as cold as it would have been coming from a refrigerator.  The air at 6,000 feet is particularly clean, crisp and invigorating.

Driving around the suburbs of Adelaide and beyond I began to notice some wonderful mountains — but, alas, in miniature.  Included here is selection of images from the Made Mountains suite.

The technical details are the same as stated for the CSR Project.