I was born in one country where I reached adulthood, studied, gained a reputation as a photographer/artist and have lived most of my life in another county.  The website is, in part, an attempt to bandaid together my lives on two sides of the Pacific.

What I have chosen to put on the website is, at best, an indication of my art practice.  There are years of work that I have not included.  I have included the series, or aspects of series, that are most relevant to me at this point in time.  Each series of my images seem to be a chapter from a specific timeframe.  This is true except for my current output where I have 3 or 4 active threads of ideas/images that I am working on concurrently.  I add to one or another thread as ideas and inspiration arise.  This way of working has come to me late in my career and, for now, it works for me. 

Although I have labelled and separated my work into series, the nature of my approach and my interest in the relationship of things remains constant.  The source is still one mind with all the same experiences, views, successes, failures, doubts, mistakes, longings, beliefs, and hopes that make up the reservoir that is me!

Images are added to the series I am currently working on pretty much as I finish them.  Each web-image is a small version of a large print-file.  At times I have deleted an image if it starts to feel out of step with the other artworks in the series.  Also I may change the title of an image if the meaning of that image changes for me.  The recent series on the website are like prints pinned on my studio wall.  I am sharing them as works in progress.  Changes and improvements are a part of the process.

For an exhibition I may choose images from more than one series.  Each image is a construction and each exhibition is a construction.  My recent work does not make sense to me in a homogenised form; I prefer a degree of surprise and some readjustment in perception for the viewer.  With my most personal works I am using myself as one example in the broader human context. 

Each image on the Home Page carousel is from one of the various series on the website.  The specific series is indicated in the lower left corner of the screen.  The very early series are found under the US listing.  The most recent series are found under the AUSTRALIAN listing.

The indicated sizes are the sizes that I currently use for that image when it is printed and shown.  Sizes are variable.  My prints are currently on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk or Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag papers.  Most of my images are for sale.  The price varies depending on the size and whether the work is framed or unframed.  Recent works are in editions of 3 or 6.  Please contact me for prices or further information.